Thursday, January 3, 2013


The "Greg's Legs" Fundraising Campaign is over, but you can continue to support Greg at the website below:

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Update from Greg

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. Greg just added a new post to his website,, which includes information about his upcoming surgeries. I've pasted the article below. Please take some time to send him a note of encouragement.

Dear Friends,
The recovery has more or less plateaued since my last writing. I am continuing to put little weight on my right arm for another three weeks. I’ve been wearing the brace less often which lets me wear jackets and long sleeve shirts. The pain in the arm has almost completely gone away, which in turn has helped me to sleep a little better at night. It is difficult coping with the fused elbow.  Not having the ability to bend it means that I still must do nearly all actions with my left arm.   The overuse on my left arm is already taking its toll with tennis elbow,  but I don’t really have other options.  Until medical technology improves,  my right elbow will remain locked and the arm’s function will continue to be limited.
- Surgeries -
Next month I have a couple serious operations scheduled.   On January 16th,  Dr.  William Pederson from the Hand Center of San Antonio will be working to repair some of the nerves in my right forearm and hand.   The odds for success are not in my favor,  but any improvement,  however small,  would be fantastic.   The hope is to regain the ability to extend my fingers (I can only grasp right now),  increase sensation,  and rebuild strength.   He is also going to do some minor plastic/reconstructive surgery to smooth out the scars left over from the metal frame.   Plus, there are a couple pesky staples that managed to stay in my arm from some initial operations last year.   It’s like having a pebble stuck in your shoe,  except that this is under my skin.  In other words,  the staples are really annoying.  The surgery will be outpatient,  and is planned to last about three hours.
A week after that,  an orthopedic team along with a plastic surgeon are going to do some “revisions” of my left thigh.  They are planning to remove some excess soft tissue and realign some of the muscles that had to be tied into the end of my femur.   That area continues to cause severe pain even when simply laying in bed.   Activities like walking on prosthetics further aggravate the area.   I can’t expect to be pain free in such a severely damaged part of my body like this,  but anything the doctors can do to reduce the pain will be greatly appreciated.
Finally,  I want to give a huge thank you to Jim Tommins and everyone who helped organize,  donated to,  or participated in the Sticks for Soldiers lacrosse tournament held last month.   I was a beneficiary of the charities raised this year,  and it was nothing short of a huge success.   For all of you who braved the cold in Fairfield,  CT to support me,  thank you.
Thank you also to the New England Patriots organization for making my game-day experiences unforgettable. And to each of you who keep taking care of me in body and spirit,  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Greg and Summer's Story

The story of Greg and Summer's meeting and relationship is chronicled in a new article by TIME. You can check out the article at this link.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Final Tally...and other good news.

Well, here's the moment we have all been waiting for. The Greg's Legs fundraising campaign is going to provide the Captain Gregory Galeazzi Recovery Fund with...


The Recovery Fund will receive two checks shortly, one from the Glastonbury High School for $8029.55, and one from this blog for $6025. I never imagined we would raise as much money as we have. It is all due to your support.

In other good news, GHS has packaged 200 care boxes for Soldiers deployed to Afghanistan to complement their financial contribution to Greg's Legs.

In even better news, Greg has had the plates an pins removed from his arm! This is an incredible step forward in his recovery. You can read all about it in Greg's latest post.

Thank you again to everyone that contributed to the Greg's Legs fundraiser. Your support for Greg is admirable, and it means a lot to know how many people truly care about our troops. The Greg's Legs fundraising campaign is complete, but you can still support Greg by sending him a note of encouragement or donation on his website,


Chad Maddox

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mission Accomplished!

I finished the JFK 50-miler last night with an official time of 10 hours, 28 minutes, and 57 seconds. The race was certainly difficult, but my thoughts of Greg, all of your support for Greg, updates throughout the race about my son, and a race buddy that I found along the way got me through it.

As promised, Old Glory's red, white, and blue colors waved in the air for the last 4 miles. I could not have been happier to grab that flag at mile 46.

I would like to send a special thank you to my race support team. It consisted of my mom, dad, and brother, and Greg's sister and girlfriend. Your encouragement was incredible, and hearing "Greg's Legs" as I passed by gave me the boost that I needed at times.

Thanks again to all of you that donated to this fundraiser. You are incredible. We raised $5660 through PayPal donations on this blog, and the school raised nearly $8000. I will publish another post as soon as I get the final tally from the school. I have disabled the PayPal giving widget, but donations can still be made to Greg's Recovery Fund on his website at

Before check-in. My brother ordered Greg's Legs car magnets for his SUV.
Greg's girlfriend and sister with the Greg's Legs signs.
Getting ready after check-in. It was around 30 degrees at start time.

Mile 1.
The last portion of the Appalachian Trail, just after the switchbacks.
Mile 15. Done with the AT.
Mile 27. Felt good.
The 38-mile point. I hit the wall at about 28, and had not yet gotten my second wind.
After I was handed the flag. 
The flag is ready.
The last four miles begins!
About to cross the finish line.
My race support crew- My folks and brother, and Greg's girlfriend and sister. 
The 50th annual JFK 50-miler finisher's medal.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

The race is finished!

I completed the JFK 50-miler this evening with an unofficial time of 10 hours, 29 minutes. I carried the flag for the last 4 miles, as promised. I will post photos and more details tomorrow.

Thank you all again for your support for Greg and the Greg's Legs fundraiser. I am going to take down the PayPal giving widget tonight, but you can always donate on Greg's website, The total raised by the PayPal widget was $5660. I will tally all of the donations, to include the school's fundraising, as soon as possible and post the final amount that will be donated to Greg's Recovery Fund.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Race Day Updates

Follow my race progress tomorrow on the Greg's Legs Facebook page (search "Greg's Legs"). My brother will post regularly with pictures and updates.
I will add a blog post after the race is complete.

We've passed $6000! Thanks to GHS!

 Not just $6000- we've passed $13,000!

This is a great story. The Glastonbury High School just pledged close to $8000 to the Greg's Legs fundraiser.

GHS is the Connecticut high school that Greg Galeazzi graduated from in 2003. When I contacted the school's assistant principal about the Greg's Legs fundraiser, he jumped on board and came up with a great idea. The school set up a fundraiser of their own to coincide with Veteran's Day in which students and faculty could post a yellow ribbon in the school to show their support for Greg. Their fundraiser collected money from the students, faculty, and local residents. Their fundraiser garnered the attention of several generous people in Connecticut to include one man, who wishes to remain anonymous, that presented the school with a check for $6000! He matched all of our efforts, and doubled the amount that we can provide to Greg's Recovery Fund.

The GHS fundraiser's slogan was, "Wherever this flag's flown, we take care of our own." I find that slogan particularly fitting for this situation. Their contribution helped to break the $6000 goal, which means that I will carry the American flag for the last 4 miles of the 50-miler.

Thanks to Dr. Neagle, the GHS assistant principal, and to all of the students and faculty that participated in the fundraiser. A huge thank you also to the anonymous donor, and to each of you that have donated. The PayPal donation link will remain open until tomorrow afternoon when I finish the race. Don't forget- all of the proceeds of the fundraiser go directly to Greg's Recovery Fund.

The GHS fundraiser.

If you would like to learn more about Greg and his progress you can check out the news story link below. It was aired on November 12th.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Surprise: It's a boy!

On November 13th my wife and I welcomed our first son into the world. He was born premature at 35 weeks, but he's a good lookin' kid. He's currently at the Neonatal ICU in a nearby city, and thankfully the hospital staff is optimistic about his recovery.

I have an incredible wife, who has been through a lot as a military spouse, and she graciously accepted my decision to continue as planned with the 50-miler. I'm bummed because I don't think my son will be released before I fly out tomorrow for the race, but this gives me extra motivation to finish the race and get back to Georgia. Thanks for your continued support for Greg and the Greg's Legs fundraiser.

Please help me with a final push for donations. We're so close to the $6000 mark!

Note the flag in the background. You'll see it again on race day if you can help me reach $6000.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day Run

The race is only 6 days away, and we have passed the $5000 mark! Less than $1000 to go to reach the $6000 goal!

I ran just under 5 miles this morning with old glory to prepare for the last 4 miles of the 50-miler and to celebrate Veterans Day. We live in a very patriotic town that posts flags and the names of veterans along the roads throughout town prior to Veterans Day to honor of those that have served our country. I had the opportunity to run past all of those names on my run this morning. There are hundreds of them. My wife snapped some pictures, which I posted below.

Thank you to all of the Veterans reading this, and thank you to those that support them (that's you!). Please continue to spread the word about "Greg's Legs" so we can continue our support for Greg and reach the $6000 mark by Saturday. Don't forget that you can send Greg a note of encouragement on his website.