Monday, November 19, 2012

The Final Tally...and other good news.

Well, here's the moment we have all been waiting for. The Greg's Legs fundraising campaign is going to provide the Captain Gregory Galeazzi Recovery Fund with...


The Recovery Fund will receive two checks shortly, one from the Glastonbury High School for $8029.55, and one from this blog for $6025. I never imagined we would raise as much money as we have. It is all due to your support.

In other good news, GHS has packaged 200 care boxes for Soldiers deployed to Afghanistan to complement their financial contribution to Greg's Legs.

In even better news, Greg has had the plates an pins removed from his arm! This is an incredible step forward in his recovery. You can read all about it in Greg's latest post.

Thank you again to everyone that contributed to the Greg's Legs fundraiser. Your support for Greg is admirable, and it means a lot to know how many people truly care about our troops. The Greg's Legs fundraising campaign is complete, but you can still support Greg by sending him a note of encouragement or donation on his website,


Chad Maddox

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